Let’s keep moving Alberta forward!

About Slava Cravcenco

My name is Slava Cravcenco. I was born in the Republic of Moldova in 1981 and was blessed to be raised in a loving family with one younger brother. From a young age, I developed a passion for table tennis and dedicated nearly 20 years to the sport. I had the privilege to travel the world with the Moldavian Table Tennis National team. In 2012 I won the Ontario table tennis championship, and in 2013 was named Canada’s champion as part of the Ontario Table Tennis Association’s team. The sport taught me much about patience, perseverance and persistence – essential qualities in the political world.

I received my high school education in Moldova. I continued to the Financial Banking College (where I met my now wife), followed by a year at the Institute of Physical Education and Sports. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law from the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova in 2004.

My first job was as a law consultant at a local IP Telecommunication company. I worked there for a year and then was provided with the opportunity to begin a career at EfesVitanta Moldova Brewery – the largest brewery in Moldova. I was employed there for 6 years and was promoted from merchandiser to team leader in the Sales Department.

My wife and I were married in 2003, and we now have two wonderful children– our 16-year-old daughter and our son, who is 9. In 2010 we decided to move to Canada to build a better life with more opportunities. My family is everything to me – my pride, my riches, my sense of life. Everything I have done and continue to do is for the well-being of my family.

Since moving to Canada over 12 years ago, I can proudly say I am an accomplished entrepreneur and family man. I have grown a well-respected home renovation company in Edmonton, but more importantly, I have built a new home and life for my family and me. I am proud to be a Canadian and an Albertan. For the next chapter of my life, I feel called to take the experiences I have been through – both professional and personal – and use them to strengthen the future of my community, city, province and country.

Slava Cravcenco and Premier Danielle Smith are fighting for an Alberta where:

  • A robust civil society comprised of independent individuals, strong families, and voluntary associations.

  • Freedom of speech, worship and assembly.

  • Affirm the family as the building block of society and how citizens pass on their values and beliefs and ensure that families are protected from intrusion by the government.

  • Economic freedom in a market economy encourages wealth creation through free enterprise and protecting the right to own, enjoy and exchange property.

  • Limited government, including low levels of taxation, to help generate economic growth while allowing Albertans to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

  • Fiscal responsibility, including balanced budgets, debt reduction, and respect for taxpayers’ money.

  • Protecting public safety is a primary responsibility of the government.